#eastnewyork exposed old school sign painting

You don’t need the boltcutters, homie, we already got an in.

New Moon train doodle after fishing out this nubby graphite lump from my ridiculous Miss Frizzle teacher bag. “Manifestation requires active participation/ Becoming requires committed intention.”

"I’m gonna kiss you like the sun grounds you" might be the sweetest lyric ever.

Shout out to all the young folks starting off their college careers at Parsons today! Ran into these brilliant young men after their first class of their freshman year, after getting to collab with them since their sophomore year in HS through the Parsons Scholars Program. So hype to see the amazing things to come for everyone!!

SZA killin it at #afropunk with the 2013/14 anthem :
Was it worth it?
Would you do it again?
Aren’t you tired of always making amends?
I know you hate me now
I give a fuck if you hate me now
Bring on the thorn and crown
Crucify me

Who needs a studio when you got public parks and sunny Sundays? Shlohmo and Chance the Rapper on repeat in headphones, basketball courts behind me, families chilling. Who would want to work in a room all by themselves if you got this? “Shout to your mama cos she made you.”

I’ve got a serious soft spot for religious murals and redemption stories- there’s something about how emotion and longing are so earnestly and flamboyantly translated into religious imagery that influences the way I approach my work. Love this piece in Bushwick. #mybadjesus #liftmeup

Guns and Roses and Sunday Morning BlackBook sessions @expressyourselfbaristabar

Shabazz Palaces at #afropunk —- magic. “Everytime I rock, its a tongue kiss”

Valerie June at #afropunk… this woman’s music has gotten me through some serious moments.

Amazing fucking work by Ana Armengod and Matt Wallenstein at their show Hellbent. So fucking inspiring- their work, process, intention, and above all, the committed love between them. Gives me hope for artists couples! @humanleather

"Beyond the Struggle": Orientation for low-income, working class and poor students at the New School in the Orozco room. Almost 7 years ago, I was an organizer with the Low Income Student Alliance (LISA) in response to the challenging cultural and logistical experiences of myself and my peers as we pursued our education. It is amazing to now see students and staff proactively organizing for our communities to support one another so that we are not alone on this extraordinary and sometimes challenging journey. Grateful to be able to share my experience and learn from others. Working class and poor people: unite!

Photo of Jose Clemente Orozco by Berenice Abbot when he visited the New School in 1936 with the WPA. This image always makes me thinkof Tyr, Norse god of justice and sacrifice, who lost his arm to the wolf Fenris in the efforts to bind and tame him.

"Find me in my zone/bottles poppin when they play my song/ I remember when I was dreamin bout the things I’ve done." - Rubee Rayne