Bushwick, baby, you’re a beauty.

New moon gratitude

New moon train message

So perfect. Prospect Park, good people doing real work in the world, marshmallows, and sun after the rain. All is well..

Brooklyn summer

I don’t know girl… I think maybe I met somebody for real though.

So grateful for the CSA hookup. I have such amazing friends. #abundance

"I think we’ll get prolly like 12 bucks."

Tonight I made a new friend from Scotland, wearing Thor’s hammer, who is also currently reflective on ODIN’S ravens, huginn og muninn (thought and memory), so I sketched him and wrote: “don’t look so serious: we got ravens.”

"No one can concentrate on the law when there is a horse involved."

I’m mad @bruvlee stopped dancing because that is a site to behold.

The song for the weekend dance parties and fierce femme summer energy. Let’s do this, queens.

Homie and poet @__beppe made me this awesome peacock headband to celebrate a student exhibition today!! Such a great way to start the day.