I draw. I paint. I write. I believe everyone is inherently creative. /
#sobercypher drawing jam in full effect
#sobercypher potluck is on in bushwick right now at the magic house, bringing the generations together- visionaries, poets, artists, writers, organizers, musicians.
On mornings like this, grand central is a recklessly dangerous place for me to enter as it takes all my willpower to not get on a train to anywhere far I’ve never been and disappear like writing in the sand at high tide.
When the ground cracks and begins to crumble beneath your feet, find a beautiful way to stitch it back, and keep walking
#tbt.  This is a book my mormor (grandma) gave me in Norway when I was a little, little girl, full of Norwegian children’s songs she taught me how to sing.
right here right now i / know every choice counts even / if its all unclear
Bumping bad reputation by big sister joan jett and looking forward to a busy sunday
We out here. #sisteriseeu #bearayofhope #incite! #mensen #jointhemovement @mmmensen @sisteriseeyou
Hey Hey Girl Hey Ma Hey Girl Hey Yo You Hey Ma
Volunteers for Community Art Project This Saturday, October 4th!


Beautiful Community!

This Saturday morning, in partnership with Ray of Hope Walk and INCITE!, I am excited to be facilitating a collaborative, interactive community art project to send a message of hope, affirmation and solidarity with our sisters who have experienced violence.
We are seeking a team of volunteers to join us Saturday morning at Riverside Park in Harlem for “Sister, I See You.” from 8am-1pm.  We need a videographer, project facilitators, and documentation facilitators (please see the table below for details).  To learn more about the project, please see the project description below.
If you are interested in being a part of the “Sister, I See You” team, please take a few moments and fill out this survey  ( )
and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours via email or text.  In the introduction to this survey, you will learn more about the amazing work of the Ray of Hope Walk and INCITE!

Project Description

Mensen is partnering with Ray of Hope and INCITE! to create an interactive art and narrative collaboration.  Participants will be invited to trace their hands on a template and cut them out, draw an eye in the middle of the hand, and write their messages of hope, healing and affirmation to other Sisters who have experienced violence.  These hands will then be stapled together into a chain, which will be carried throughout the march, weaving survivors, allies and participants together to collectively carry their message of hope.

Sister, I See You team

Lead Project Organizer: Mensen.  Coordinate supplies, gather team, coordinate setup, organize logistics, lead facilitation of art project

Documentation Lead: Amanda Adams-Louis Leads photodocumentation/social media initiative on DAY OF event.

Videographer: NEEDED!! Takes comprehensive video footage of project, short video portraits of participants creating and reading their hands, films march and context, coordinates closely with Amanda Adams-Louis and takes direction from Mensen, and edits a 2-4 minute video for distribution by October 11th

Project Facilitators: Need 5-8 volunteers!!! Collaborate with Mensen to explain activity to participants, staple hands into chain, be positive, engaging, proactive and supportive of participants

Documentation Facilitators: Need 4-6 volunteers!!! Collaborate with Amanda Adams-Louis to shoot photos, post online, engage participants and encourage them to do the same, hand out stickers with our hashtags


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Found my pink eyeshadow on a grey morning #femmeasfuck
As I sort the chaotic detritus of my convoluted history into intentional physical order, as I revel in newfound reciprocal love and expansive partnership, as I mourn the loss of so many I’ve loved who were stolen too soon, as I reflect on the audacity, tenacity, courage and wisdom of the young people I know who are battling a structure trying to break them, I remember this poem I wrote last year in a moment of focused outrage and confident defiance.  I am so grateful for all of our strength, especially when we don’t feel strong at all.
Quiet: Genius at work. @tresquill
Oh shit.  Just found my old graff box.  10 year old stickers in there, and this flick of the first official “art class” I facilitated, teaching graff and organizing a writer’s block in 2003/4 in Portland in collab w. a grassroots youth gang “prevention” citizen initiative.  This is a flick from the first “class”, when they were first learning how to upgrade from a tag to a piece.