I don’t know girl… I think maybe I met somebody for real though.

So grateful for the CSA hookup. I have such amazing friends. #abundance

"I think we’ll get prolly like 12 bucks."

Tonight I made a new friend from Scotland, wearing Thor’s hammer, who is also currently reflective on ODIN’S ravens, huginn og muninn (thought and memory), so I sketched him and wrote: “don’t look so serious: we got ravens.”

"No one can concentrate on the law when there is a horse involved."

I’m mad @bruvlee stopped dancing because that is a site to behold.

The song for the weekend dance parties and fierce femme summer energy. Let’s do this, queens.


Homie and poet @__beppe made me this awesome peacock headband to celebrate a student exhibition today!! Such a great way to start the day.

Amazing poetry books and magazines on display in the Bronx at Voices UnBroken! I had the honor of designing these. ” Voices UnBroken is a Bronx-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing under-heard members of the community-primarily youth, ages 12-24-with the tools and opportunity for creative self-expression.  Through high quality creative writing workshops in juvenile justice facilities, group homes, residential treatment facilities, jails, and various other alternative settings, Voices UnBroken nurtures the inherent need in all people to tell their stories and be heard.  It is our belief that this telling of stories and sharing of dreams leads to individual and community growth.” To get your copy, email: info@voicesunbroken.org

Its just a temporary view.

Woke from a dream before dawn that demanded consideration. Park at sunrise to realign with sylvan energy, press feet into grass, watch swan families. Write. Reflecting on Jimmy Santiago Baca poem and listening to Oddissee “I have roads in me where drums pound a sacrifice and beckon to again believe in life’s wonder…..My heart restored, I am guided by stars and a raging desire to live.”

Prospect Park At dawn- preparing for upcoming new moon

Yesterday’s train sketch. Thinking about archetypes, and our relationships between mind and memory. In norse mythology, Odin is a vast god who rules over both poetry and war, magical wisdom and justice, and know the knowledge of the runes. He keeps two crows on his shoulders, Huginn (thought/mind) and Muninn (memory), who travel the earth each day to bring him back the news.

Drawing when I should be dancing. First selfportrait sketch from a mirror for a very long time. Solitudeselfiesaturdays

"My Body’s My Body" by Mensen. Poem I wrote today while prepping for a workshop, inspired by lots of amazing conversations with sisters, witches and queens as of late.